EUROPE INFO: Free IT help for critical Infrastructure!

  • First date posted 2020-03-16
  • Last Update 2020-03-26

UPDATE 2020-03-24

Volunteers area and classified section for offer/search help opened

There was lot of changes on the:

page today. Volunteers are able to list themselfs and the free for all classified section is open based on the rules on the above named page. Hopefully we get a interesting directory related to help for businesses and people.

We hope the project is moving forward fast! The time till a lot of countries will reach the highest peek of infections is near and we should be done till this situation comes up.

Thanks to all of you willing to help others,


Even our website normally is in German, due to the content English is required here

This is a non-commercial project. Please share and boost the link wherever you fell it helps the project.

This is a short notice that there are ongoing efforts to build up a IT security and support team which is willing to help all operators of critical infrastructure for free.

Currently we try to get all of these experts together on decentralized, free, secure and Open Source Messenger Riot.

Experts please join us!

If you are system, software or security expert please join us too. We are 100% sure that all of these fast installed home office workplaces will destroy hundreds of servers and infrastructures and also some real attacks on infrastructure will happen. Furthermore all of these setup errors will come up now. We need you to build up a great team.

Infrastructure operators join us

If you operate critical infrastructure and run into problems feel free to join the Riot room too.

How to connect to us:

CTS founder Karl has already written tutorials for Riot

in German

on his personal site

in English

on the Website of his non-profit EURAFRI Project. Plese note here, that you need to create the account on but all other infos are valid.

After you setup Riot you need to join the roon. You are able to join which entering


in the box where you normally write your message. If you need help click the plus in the person section and start chat with:

We cannot afford to loose critical infrastructure

I know its pretty early and situation will become more bad in 2 or 3 weeks. Assume a 6-8 week duration based on the actual facts. But setting up things now gives us the chance to help after they lost most of their stuff because of infection or other problems.

If you are infrastructure operator you are free to already join to be connected if you need help.

We all want that there is no need for our offer, but one has to be prepared.

Let me take the opportunity to wish you and your families health, protection all the best for the upcoming hard weeks. A lot of you will be affected in business and maybe in private life, but there will be a strong coming back after Corona time is passed by. Help others if they are in problems to give them a chance to survive private and economic problems. Work together, communicate and spread the idea. Be sure, there is a time after it.

Even we are slowed down by the restrictions currently, we are full available via Riot and Briar Greetings and best wishes!