How to be part of

How to be part of

If you are in need for help

We prefer you join us in using messenger as described below. If you are unable to do so, email the core team at  ONLY if you are critical infrastructure operator,  already in critical situation and unable to use any Internet based communication you are allowed to call: +43 5 7676 7676 for help. If you do not respect this rule we will bill you hard and donate the sum for IT people loosing their job during Corona times. Thank you for understanding that this is for real emergency only.

Volunteers offering help

We opened the volunteer area and start building the  list of great people offering help here

Volunteers willing to help critical infrastructure operators in the sense of the project are welcome to list themselves on the list.

To get listed you have to file an issue where you explain who you are, what you can provide and where (and if) you are able to operate when physical presence is necessary. Otherwise please use a PR to add yourself.

Already 37 people in the room, so list will fill hopefully fast.

Register at the HelpEurope.NET Website and use the classifieds section:

After Karl and Markus started the project there was a lot of contacts with people explaining their idea of upcoming problems during and after the Corona crisis.

So we added the classifieds section where everybody is free to post offers / searches / services / help and other related things. We especially got lot of contacts from local food delivery, farmers lost the possibility to sell their products, like eggs, fruits, vegetables because the do not deliver to super markets and sell on markets. Feel free to post anything helping them to survive.

You are free to post commercial and non-commercial posts. People are able to direct contact you. If business is established, it is done direct, without being involved in it. is only a free platform to establish contacts.

Requirement from our side, if you post commercials you must register with full name and address. And we keep the right to decide denying posts.

With the free  registration you  are able to post your listings, offers, requests and profiles using the listings dashboard here. Please register on the site. We manually approve registrations to avoid spam as much as possible, so approving the account needs up to 24 hours due to different time zones.  If you need additional categories and locations for your listings please set the missing selections and write CAT/SUBCAT and/or Country/Area in the first lines. We will create everything and place your listing there. Furthermore one listing can only be set in one category/subcategory, but you are allowed to place as many listings as required.

You find the listings by category or location in the menu. The basic link is here:

For communication please use Riot Messenger only!

Write Articles helping others

After you registered on the site you are able to write articles which helps others.  After login on the site go to the account page and you the Submit Post link there. Currently we have created 3 categories for the articles, but you are free to write about everything which can help others, including cooking and whatever. Only rule is it must be written by you and no copyright issue must come up. You are not allowed to copy/paste non licensed copyrighted text from others.

How to connect to us via free and Open Source Riot Messenger:

I already have written tutorials for Riot

in German

on his personal site

in English

on the Website of his non-profit EURAFRI Project. Plese note here, that you need to create the account on but all other infos are valid.

After you setup Riot you need to join the room. You are able to join which entering


or click here

in the box where you normally write your message. If you need help click the plus in the person section and start chat with me:

Love to see you joining HelpEurope.NET!