Privacy Tip: UntrackMe for LineageOS and Android

A great addition to more privacy:

What is UntrackMe

The purpose of UntrackMe is to transform YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google Maps and some shortener services URLs into new URLs that respect your privacy.

YouTube URLs will be converted into Invidious URLs, Twitter into Nitter URLs, Google Maps into OpenStreetMap or geo URI, and shortned ones will be unshortened without visiting the site.

There are two versions of UntrackMe - Once handling all URLs for removing tracking parameters - Another one called “UntrackMe Lite” that will only handle Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Google Maps and shortened URLs.

Read the Konfiguration after installing the Software.

Project site:

available on F-Droid too:

Note: Also checkout Fedilab, in my opinion the best LineageOS / Android client for Mastodon (

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