E-Book: Anonymous Secure Access to Every Device or System and overcome NAT or dynamic IP

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Anonymous Secure Access to Every Device or System

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Anonymous Secure Access to Every Device or System

The professional way to overcome NAT, IPv4 and Firewalls!

No Port Forwarding Needed!

Works also through Proxy Servers and Firewalls denying all incoming!

A must read for all people involved in IoT (Internet of things), MQTT, remote support, device management and network and security support. Works on top of my Mosquitto Secure MQTT Setup and optionally using My own Certificate Authority too. These are described in other books. For sure the solution works for home users accessing their self hosted services too.
This book shows a perfect setup using real life examples. Works with virtual machines, cheap hardware or raspberry systems running Windows, Linux, Mac or Android.

Serve with your systems and/or access your systems secure and anonymous from everywhere! Forget your problems of the past, they are gone!

All needed configuration files included!

100% free Open Source!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Legal Notes
What is this book about
The problem with NAT and IPv4
Reach every system behind NAT or dynamic IP without Port Forwarding
Introduction to the Tor Network
What is the Tor Network
Bad boys net only?
Preparing our Tools
Preparing the Tor browser
Using Tails Linux
The Tor daemon
General security rules
Domains and .onion addresses
Domains and IPv4 addresses
.onion addresses
The project of this e-book
Secure Tor DMZ setup
Firewall Setup / Central Tor Router
Tor Hidden Service setup
The Management Network
Firewall Setup
Nginx Web Server System Setup
Real Life examples
Accessing every system or device behind NAT and/or dynamic IP from everywhere
Build the basic device
Login with pi and raspberry
Localize setup, e.g. to German
update base system
enable ssh on boot
Add Wifi Network (USB)
Install Firewall
Setup Tor Package
Setup Tor Hidden Service (ssh)
Adding more services to Raspberry Hidden services
Access a Web server running on the Raspberry
SSL Web server on Top of Tor
Mosquitto MQTT
XMPP Server
Remote Desktop (RDP) overTor
OpenVPN over Tor
Imagine the following situation
The OpenVPN server configuration
Edit /etc/tor/Torrc
Setup OpenVPN
Setup the first Client / user
Find and change the created .ovpn file
Test the client connection
Setup Stealth Authentication for Hidden Services
The final result
More Features
About The Author
Other Books By (Author)
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Link List for this e-book
Tor project page
Tails Linux project page
Windows tosocks replacement
DuckDuckGo Search Engine
The Hidden Wiki
Can I Ask A Favour?

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About The Author

Karl M. Joch is founder of CTS GMBH with more than 30 years experience in national and international projects. He worked in over 15 countries.

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