CTS Photo & Press Service with new Website!

Original Intro from the CTS Photo & Press Service Website (https://cts-photo.com):

Proud, or let us say more than proud. After 2 years of development, worth around 250k Euros, we started loading the new server. The first 100.000 Images are already moved.

Our new software will be a great place for even more photographers to sell their images. Real time sales stats, great new interface and lot of extras to make money out of your work. Free accounts. up to 50% payout and paid Pro Accounts with payout up to 80%.

Customers find an very interesting pricing scheme starting with 5 € for Web and 19 € for print. Fast searches, easy downloads.

A PR-Agency Account giving PR people the possibility to offer free images to editorials was asked very often. We added this account type, so free images can be uploaded and offered to editorials without the need of sending out big emails to mailing lists. PR Agency can upload for free if a CTS photographer was booked. Paid PR Agency Pro Accounts are available too.

Furthermore an OTS System is in the queue and will be available later this year or early 2017.

We will keep you updated as the progress of moving continues and the new server goes online.

Thank you for your continuous support in 31 countries!

Best regards,


CTS Photo & Press Service