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DARKNET FOR JOURNALISTS: A trip to another world

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A trip to another world

Learn how to safely visit and use the Darknet

You will learn how to enter the Darknet using the Tor Browser or Tails Linux. Secure, encrypted and anonymous communication using Bitmessage and PGP, Bitcoins, Tor Proxy and more will be known after reading this e-book. Lot of images and instructions.

The Darknet has a lot of good sides too! Read on!

Introduction to the Darknet

What is the Darknet

Especially people without enough knowledge about computer and software spread the wildest speculations ranging from wet dreams to real bad boys stuff about the Darknet.

Let me explain the technical side the easy way. The Darknet is build on top of the wider known Internet. Special software is needed to access the so called overlay network.

To keep it technically simple imagine the Internet as street and the Darknet as car on it. The car needs the street to be able to move. To be able to enter or use the car you need the key to it. Without key, in our case the software, you have no access to the car, in our case the Darknet.

The Darknet by itself is a transport layer only. As with the car, you can move with it, but it doesn’t offer services to you, except moving.

For making sense to users there must be services offered by the Darknet. Most of the services are some peer-to-peer connections (friend-to-friend, e.g. for file sharing) or privacy networks like Tor.

There are friend-to-friend networks like Freenet, GNUnet, I2P, OneSwarm and others out there. But the focus of this e-book will be Tor (The onion router).

Tor is an anonymity network and secures your privacy  as much as possible. With the “Tor Hidden Services” the most popular instance of the Darknet also features a dark web.

A dark web is WWW content only available using special software like the Tor browser.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Legal Notes

Introduction to the Darknet

What is the Darknet    7

Bad boys net only?    8

Preparing our Tools

Preparing the Tor browser    9

Using Tails Linux    12

General security rules

Domains and .onion addresses

Domains and IPv4 addresses    18

.onion addresses    19

Entering the Darknet

Where to start    21

More software & tools

PGP Pretty Good Privacy    25

Free anonymous e-mail address    26

Bitmessage messaging system    29

Hint for extra protection    30

Bitmessage through Tor    30

Money for the Darknet

Bitcoin    34

Bitcoin wallet    35

Running Electrum Wallet through Tor    36

More Features

Operating hidden services    37

Accessing your home via tor hidden services    38

Operating your safe OwnCloud    39

Extra protection with hard disc encryption    39

About The Author

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Link List for this e-book

Tor project page    43

Tails Linux project page    43

DuckDuckGo Search Engine    43

The Hidden Wiki    43

Uncensored Hidden Wiki    43

Bitmessage    43

Bitcoin    44

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet    44

OpenPGP    44

Pyrite    44

OwnCloud    44

KeePass    44

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About The Author

Karl M. Joch is founder of CTS GMBH with more than 30 years experience in national and international projects. He worked in over 15 countries.

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