E-Book: Home Assistant – Open Source Home Automation Platform for IoT (Internet of Things) & more

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Home Assistant – Open Source Home Automation Platform for IoT (Internet of Things) & more

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Home Assistant

Open Source Home Automation Platform for IoT (Internet of Things) & more

The guide shows you how to install and configure Home Assistant using real life examples. Lot of images and detailed instructions.

Real life example full setup using Owntracks App!


* Setup of Owntracks (Iphone, Ipad, Android), track the location of devices and shows them on a map.

* Using Owntracks for location based events and alerting

* Using weather, temperature or sun position based events

* Using the MQTT compomponent

* Debugging with MQTT.fx

* Alerting using SMTP and XMPP

* Customize and secure Home Assistant’s web interface

* Scenes, scripts, sensors and shell commands

Easy understandable for beginners, helpful for professionals.

Easy maintainable – Scalable – Saves you money

Introduction to IoT

IoT (Internet of Things) short info

The Internet of Things (IoT) will massive change the world of IT professionals. Machine-to-machine communication, home automation and other new ways of communication or management will deeply move into the business and private world.

IoT is the next multi-billion dollar tech market where IT professionals will meet people from home automation, office and production automation, PLC (programmable logic controller) developers and transportation engineers. All of them are fighting for their part of the market.

Customers wants to switch heating on or off from their smartphone in the same way as they want to control home or office lights, doors, cams and even the fridge. Not enough, they want the lights go on the time they arrive at home, wants to see the location of family members or business staff on maps and far more.

Machines will communicate with machines to securely drive without a human, order missing food in your home and alert in case of emergency.

Developer, designers and managers already have $ signs in their eyes every time thinking about the M2M (machine-to-machine) market.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Legal Notes
Introduction to IoT
IoT (Internet of Things) short info    8
Firewall Setup (Optional)
Description of firewall ports    10
Setup of this guide – Our Goal
MQTT network setup    11
Home Assistant setup    12
Install Home Assistant
Install Python 3    14
Install the software    14
Start the software    14
First configuration steps
Prepare the needed SSL certificates    16
We will need the following certificates    16
Configure Home Assistant    17
The YAML Syntax    17
Configuration.yaml    18
Start/Stop Script    18
FreeBSD Start/Stop Script    19
Connect to the web interface    20
Detailed Setup
Copy & paste config files    22
Prepare include files    22
configuration.yaml full setup    22
include_automation.yaml full setup    26
include_customize.yaml full setup    29
include_group.yaml full setup    30
include_notify.yaml full setup    31
include_scene.yaml full setup    33
include_script.yaml full setup    34
include_sensor.yaml full setup    34
include_shell_command.yaml full setup    35
Testing MQTT Setup with MQTT.fx
Introducion to MQTT.fx    37
Black Server(MQTT.FX connection settings)    38
White Server(MQTT.FX connection settings)    39
MQTT.FX tabs    39
Log    39
Broker Status    39
Scripts    40
Subscribe    40
Publish    41
A real life example using Owntracks
Prepare Owntracks setup    44
Install Owntracks on your smartphone    44
More Features
About The Author
Other Books By (Author)
Link List for this e-book
Home Assistant project page    53
Home Assistant available icons    53
Mosquitto project page    53
MQTT.fx project page    53
MQTT.fx download page    53
Authors e-book about MQTT using Mosquitto    53
Authors e-book about SSL Certificates    54
Authors e-book about Openfire    54
MQTT project page    54
Owntracks Project Page    54
FreeBSD Project Page    54
Description of the XMPP protocol    54
Python project page    54
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About The Author

Karl M. Joch is founder of CTS GMBH with more than 30 years experience in national and international projects. He worked in over 15 countries.

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