E-Book: Openfire – Create your own XMPP Messaging Server

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Easy step by step guide with ~ 20 images to create your own XMPP Messaging Server with free Open Source Software available for Windows, Linux and MAC.

You can use the software introduced in this e-book to operate your server with encrypted messaging,

Openfire, previously know as Wildfire and Jive Messenger, is a Java based Open Source instant messaging system and group chat server.

The software is using the XMPP protocol and because of Java the software is platform independent and runs on all major operating systems like Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and Windows.

The Openfire project page shows more than 7 Million downloads for build 4.1.1 and offers binaries for the named operating systems.

Openfire is able to run your own secure and encrypted private messaging server for friends and family in the same way as the software can run your scalable enterprise messaging system.

Openfire offers:

Web-based administration panel

Plugin interface

SSL/TLS support

User-friendly web interface

embedded HSQLDB or other DBMS

LDAP connectivity

Platform independent, pure Java

can support > 50,000 concurrent users

Introducing a fully featured Open Source Software, available as source code and binary version for Windows, Linux and MAC.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Legal Notes

Introduction to Openfire

SSL encrypted messaging 7

Firewall Setup (Optional)

Description of firewall ports 8

Download & Install Openfire

Download the software 13

Install and start the software 13

First configuration steps

Connect to the web interface 15

First time connecting 15

Detailed setup of Openfire

Protect the web interface with SSL 18

Create SSL certificates for all stores 21

The Server tab

Server Manager 22

Server Information 22

System Properties 22

Server Manager other tabs 22

Server Settings 23

Client Connections 23

Server to Server Settings 24

Registration & Login (Really check this one) 26

Gateways 27

Settings 27

Transport 27

Archiving 27

Archive Settings 27


Users 29

Groups 29

Configure your client

Setting up a desktop client 31

Connect and test 31

Test external connections 32

More Features

About The Author

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Link List for this e-book

Openfire project page 36

Openfire download page 36

Authors e-book about SSL Certificates 36

Description of the XMPP protocol 36

FreeBSD Project Page 36

XMPP / Jabber Clients 36

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About The Author

Karl M. Joch is founder of CTS GMBH with more than 30 years experience in national and international projects. He worked in over 15 countries.

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