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Introduction to WordPress

What is WordPress

WordPress is one of the widely used and well known Open Source CMS (Content Management System). The Project started 2003 and the software is used for small personal home pages up to Fortune 500 websites. WordPress is Open Source Software and usage is free of any license costs.

Is it more then a CMS?

WordPress started as a blogging system but meanwhile it is a full content management system which is fully customizable. Thousands of plugins and themes are available to enhance the core system.

I would say its even more then a CMS, because you can add a fully blown shop (e.g. Woocommerce), a feature rich social network engine (e.g. Buddy Press) and much more.

This books helps you to setup of a fully featured website using a real world example. You can easily adopt this to your own project.

The project of this e-book

First I thought this book will use dummy and demo data, but finally I loved the idea to grab a new domain and build a usable and helpful WordPress project on it. I finally decided to build the website and show you a real life example.

Project definitions / Needed features:

  • SSL encrypted https:// site

  • remove access to the dashboard for users without loosing functionality

  • add security using .htaccess

  • add security using a plugin

  • add Geo-IP blocking using a plugin

  • change the wordpress@ default e-mail

  • admin approval of new users after registering

  • let users use avatars

  • great looking theme

  • nice looking non-standard login page

  • able to handle classifieds for adoptions

  • able to run a service directory to list organizations

  • including a fully features newsletter system

  • auto-post to Facebook, Twitter & Co.

  • able to run a forum

  • solve the EU cookie requirements

  • let registered users communicate via internal messaging system

  • let registered users write articles with or without admin approval

  • add Google analytics feature

  • add a automated sitemap

  • let people donate to the project using Paypal

  • add graphical user statistics and reports to see where your users came from

I will show you how to put all the needed peaces together and you are free to visit the page to see how it looks like.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Legal Notes

Introduction to WordPress

What is WordPress 8

Is it more then a CMS? 8

The project of this e-book

Setup WordPress

Basic WordPress install 12

Protect installation using .htaccess 13

Basic settings 15

General 15

Discussion 16

Media 16

Permalink Settings 17

Adding a theme 18

Adding plugins

Removing dashboard access for users 20

Adding security plugin 21

Add Geo IP Blocking 22

Change default e-mail address 24

Admin approval of new registrations 25

Let users use avatars 26

Solve the EU cookie law requirements 27

Setting up our theme

Creating menu structure 29

Primary menu 29

Footer menu 30

Social Links menu 31

Menu for the right sidebar 32

Preparing the widgets 34

Customize the theme 35

Appearance -> customize 35

Customized login page 37

Auto-Post to Facebook & Co.

Adding a forum

The bbPress forum 42

Adding a newsletter system

Adding a classified plugin

Adding a Business Directory

Private messaging system

Let users write articles

Adding front-end post articles capability 55

Complete the website

Add an automated sitemap 59

Add Google Analytics function 59

Add a Paypal donation button 60

Add web analytics plugin 60

More software & tools

Contact form maker 62

Custom admin bar 62

Disable embeds 63

Disable feeds 63

Duplicate posts 63

Enable replacing of uploaded media 63

Select front page categories 64

Log the logins 64

Display only users media 65

More Features

About The Author

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Link List for this e-book

WordPress project page 69

bbPress Forum Plugin 69

bbPress Documentation 69

Newsletter Documentation 69

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About The Author

Karl M. Joch is founder of CTS GMBH with more than 30 years experience in national and international projects. He worked in over 15 countries.

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