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Since 1985 I have been offering coaching and consulting for expansion or market entry, mergers & acquisitions in Western and Eastern Europe, turnaround management, bankruptcy defense, IT solutions, IT restructuring and dirty jobs with CTS GMBH. In the IT area, CTS Solutions works independently of the manufacturer and looks for solutions that best meet your requirements. As far as possible, FOSS (Free Open Source) solutions are used to increase security and reduce the cost of ownership and dependence on manufacturers.

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One-on-one coaching by a conversation partner who understands your problems through more than 30 years of hands-on work! Specialized in expansion, market entry, restructuring, advice on IT decisions and Africa or Eastern Europe coaching. I pass on my more than 30 years of hands-on knowledge.


Expansion, market development, turnaround, M&A in Western and Eastern Europe, IT renovations, dirty jobs, import / export, interim management and real estate trades. Successful since 1985 is a reference that few have to show! A very interesting network of contacts was established in the various countries.


CTS Solutions is your partner for IT solutions. CTS Solutions has been the leading open source and security specialist for decades. Specialized areas are Linux, FreeBSD, network security, firewalls, mail scanners, web servers and software, Tor routing gateways, crypto currencies, IoT, MQTT and much more.

Photo & Video

Photography has been with me since my youth and has always been a counterbalance to my otherwise very strenuous job. In 2008 the hobby changed to successful business with the founding of CTS Photo & Press Service ( Image agency as platform for over 290 photographers from 33 countries.

Professional IT Solutions!

For over 30 years I have been advising in various areas, in particular network infrastructure, security, WAN/VPN, server solutions, monitoring and alerting, open source software, Tor routing gateways, encryption technology and cryptocurrencies.

A solution that meets your requirements is implemented regardless of the manufacturer. As far as possible, open source solutions are used to reduce the cost of ownership. The CTS Business Server, developed by CTS since 1995 on the basis of FreeBSD, is used from small businesses to some of the TOP 500 in Europe for securing e-mail traffic, as an http proxy with virus scanner, VPN server, network monitoring server and much more.

For further information visit CTS GMBH (IT Solutions).

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CTS GMBH (Austria)

CTS was founded in 1985 and in 1987 CTS also started as a consultant in the former Eastern Europe. Company redevelopment, M&A, IT redevelopment, dirty jobs in the context of restructuring, company formation or purchase and sale, real estate services, front line services and discrete services and much more are just one of the main focuses of our services. Most of our clients are based in Germany or Austria.


CTS IT Solutions

Professional IT solutions for commercial customers since 1985! Network and Security Monitoring - FreeBSD. Linux, Windows - Open Source Specialist! CTS has been your professional partner for IT solutions for over 35 years. We are the specialist for innovative use of open source software, network infrastructure, security, VPN solutions, server solutions, monitoring and alerting.

CTS Solutions

CTS Photo & Press Service

The CTS Photo & Press Service picture agency has been offering editorial and commercial customers an extensive archive of interesting press images and stock photos for use in editorial and commercial products since 2008. All editorial offers are specially marked and intended for editorial use only. A free registration is required to use the database.

CTS Photo & Press Service

EURAFRI Networking (NPO)

EURAFRI Networking (NPO) Our founders have been active in the IT and consulting sector for many years and have seen over the past few years how Internet users, often through lobbying, simply pass their data on to third parties and have no interest in data protection, privacy and mostly lack of IT knowledge, did not attach great importance to safety either. When there was a new wave of massive centralization of the Internet through the upstream connection of so-called DDOS protection systems, which can read and evaluate the entire data stream, it was enough for our founders and the long-cherished idea of positioning EURAFRI for more privacy and against mass surveillance on the Internet has been put into practice.

EURAFRI Networking (NPO)


The MSG magazine conveys emotions and presents lifestyle products, travel, culture, vehicles and technology, which claim to be beyond the norm. We convey emotions without looking at the price. Exceptional products have a right to an exceptional presentation. Our reach has increased massively since we started in 2015.



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