About Me

Since 1985 I have been offering coaching and consulting for expansion or market entry, mergers & acquisitions in Western and Eastern Europe, turnaround management, bankruptcy defense, IT solutions, IT restructuring and dirty jobs with CTS GMBH. In the IT area, CTS Solutions works independently of the manufacturer and looks for solutions that best meet your requirements. As far as possible, open source solutions are used to increase security and reduce the cost of ownership and dependence on manufacturers.

Specialized in:

  • Executive coaching: only one-on-one meetings! Also by phone and email!
  • Business Decisions: Help with decision making
  • Consulting for expansion or market entry: Also Eastern Europe (since 1987) and Africa
  • Restructuring and bankruptcy avoidance coaching: I pass on my more than 30 years of hands-on knowledge to CEOs.
  • IT coaching: Strategic advice on IT decisions to make technical details generally understandable. Since 1985!
  • Eastern Europe coaching: hands-on since 1987!

Freelance Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO):

  • Turn Around Restructuring Management
  • Dirty Jobs and discrete “Hands On” Jobs
  • Bankruptcy prevention

Front Line Services:

  • to keep your name in the background
  • for massive savings when setting up a new company abroad and buying real estate
  • for the discreet addressing of people in the context of head hunting, M&A, a.o.

IT Restructuring:

  • IT Restructuring
  • temporary IT management
  • IT management consulting to reduce IT costs
  • IT projects in the field of open source, security, LAN / WAN infrastructure, encryption, a.o.

Already in 1987, shortly after founding my CTS GMBH in 1985, I was able to establish myself as a consulting company in the markets of what was then the Eastern bloc . In the course of more than 30 years of activity, I was able to successfully complete almost all projects for my customers, mostly from Germany, the USA and Austria. Through my exciting activities, I have built up a very interesting network of contacts in the various countries. I am used to doing my job independently and work with my own infrastructure. Upon request, neutral billing of my work without reference to the restructuring work!

I am available at + 43 664 340 78 88 for a discreet free initial consultation.

As a counterbalance to the above activities, I love photography, especially the areas:

  • People & Society
  • Girls & Fashion
  • Wildlife photography

In addition to photography, the production of videos has positioned itself as a thoroughly professional hobby.